Did you know that each minute of unplanned lateness costs 5-10% of revenue for a typical train service?

Passengers are particularly sensitive to delays on their journeys and may opt not to travel again*

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That’s why railway performance is such an important topic for operators as well as passengers.

In addition to our services in the field of Railway Network Simulation and Modelling, Rail Aspects can assist with many other fields of railway performance.

There is now a huge amount of data available about train service performance, much of it in the public domain and much more produced by internal industry processes and systems. Making sense of this data requires strong analytical skills and an inquisitive mind-set – both of which Rail Aspects can offer you. We provide a huge range of analytical services, always seeking to simplify data and present it in ways relevant to your needs.

Once data analysis has indicated target areas for performance improvement, we can help you to assess options for delivering this – including generating ideas based on our extensive domain knowledge and also assessing ideas provided by our clients and other stakeholders. Often this requires data modelling and the aim is always to keep a sharp focus on the practicality and deliverability of ideas as well as their theoretical benefits.

Many railway operators are subject to performance regimes that govern the operator and often have substantial commercial risks and benefits. Rail Aspects can help with the design and calibration of such regimes, working with the supervisory authority, as well as assisting operators to understand regimes and operate within them.

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